Hey, I'm Radhika!

I'm a techie with a passion for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence,
as well as a lifelong learner. I am a problem solver. I hope to use
my work to benefit the people around me and make a difference.

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What I'm currently up to...

These are my main areas of interest and expertise right now.


I love to tinker and create through technology and engineering.

Artificial Intelligence

I'm exploring this new field and how I can apply it to anything and everything.


I also prioritize social good and giving back to my community.


I like to play piano and sing in addition to my technology life.

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A little more about Radhika

USC Student, Robotics Engineer & Software Developer

I'm a Freshman at USC studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS). Before that, I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I've taken courses in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, and more.

I recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork in engineering and life. I love working with and meeting other people and approaching problems from new perspectives.

I hope to ultimately use my passion for robotics for social good and change the lives of those around me through automation and intelligent systems.

Let's Connect!

You can get ahold of me any way you'd like, as I'm usually a very responsive person. Feel free to email, call, message, or text me anytime and I'd love to chat!

4116 Flower Box Ct., Fairfax, VA 22030



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