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Executive Committee

Dr. Alice Farling: Executive Director

Dr. Jugnu Agrawal: President

Mr. Mark Francis: Past President

Dr. Mary Kealy: Vice President

Dr. Clara Hauth: President Elect

Dr. Ritu Chopra: Treasurer

Dr. Nicole Dicloutte: Secretary

Board of Directors

Dr. Lauren Katzman: Membership Officer

Dr. Emily Collins: Communications Officer

Dr. Hannah Ehrli: Member at Large

Dr. Rebekka Jez: Member at Large

Dr. James Chapple: Member at Large

Dr. Robai Werunga: Member at Large

Ms. Elizabeth Colquitt: Student Representative

Ms. Radhika Agrawal: Web Developer

Past President's Council

Mr. Mark Francis

Dr. Vicky Spencer

Dr. Eileen Raymond

Dr. Susan O'Rourke

Dr. Humberto Rodriguez

Dr. Susan O’Rourke

Dr. Alice Farling

Dr. Tom Gumpel

Dr. Clayton Keller

Dr. Richard Zigler

Dr. Todd Fletcher

Dr. David Mitchell

Dr. John Visser

Dr. Judy Smith-Davis

Dr. Elizabeth Whitten

Dr. Janice Chavez

Dr. Louise Fulton

Dr. Richard Gargiulo

Dr. William Berdine

Dr. Virginia Dixon

Dr. Jerrie Ueberle

Dr. Carmen Iannaccone

Dr. Robert Henderson

DISES Standing Committees

Awards Committee

Budget & Finance

Marketing & Social Media




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