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Member Spotlight

Dr. Kevin Miller

Dr. Kevin Miller (kevinmiller432@gmail.com) is an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln both in Nebraska. As a part of a Fulbright grant in 2016, he taught courses at Armenian State Pedagogical University including Educational Assessment, Overview of Speech-Language Pathology and Technology and Communication Disorders. He also initiated a case study examining the inclusionary practices of 2 elementary/middle schools, specifically focusing on how these schools support students who are deaf or hard of hearing. For this study he interviewed special education teachers, general education teachers, administrators, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, parents and students. He looks forward to publishing his results and presenting them. Dr. Miller was especially impressed with the variety of persons and organizations positively impacting the lives of persons with disabilities by changing perceptions of Armenian society towards persons with disabilites and promoting the passage of laws supporting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in general education classrooms. Despite very limited resources these individuals and groups have made great strides in helping Armenians favor inclusion for all. You may contact him at his email address provided above or at 215-872-4767.

Dr. LaSonya Moore

Dr. LaSonya Moore (llmoore@mail.usf.edu) is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. Her research interests are focused on urban special education, leadership persistence and retention of urban teachers and leaders. She is dedicated to improving educational outcomes of individuals with exceptionalities while improving opportunities for those who teach, lead and work side-by-side our students every day. Her conceptual framework is grounded in equity and social justice with an emphasis on dismantling social, emotional and academic gaps for our neediest populations. She is doing this research in London, China and Haiti. In Haiti she is examining Leadership Preparation for Women through Building Partnerships, Globalization and Poverty while in China her work is concerned with Building a Culture of Care, Civility Collegial Communication and Co-Creation through inclusionary Practices, Live, Learn and Lead, building bridges of hope. For more information you may contact her via her email or the number she provided: 727-432-2846.

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