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Member Spotlight

Mr. Mark Francis

Mark Francis is the immediate past president of DISES and Jamaica DISES conference planner. Previously he served for a number of years as treasurer. He is a former local and county director of special education in Michigan. He has been very involved with professional development and training in other countries as well as in the U.S. since his retirement from the school district. In the U.S. he is doing training with the Bureau of Indian Education, and he has conducted systems analysis for a number of school districts on the qualities of their special education programs. Recently Mark has done professional training in Tobago, South Africa, Dubai, and Jamaica.

Mark (back row, first on left) with the team of presenters in Kuwait for the International Day for Disabilities.

Mark Francis with students in Portugal. According to Mark, "it's all about the kids".

Dr. Clara Hauth

Clara Hauth (chauth@marymount.edu) is an assistant professor at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She is actively engaged in research and service in several countries to include Panama, South Africa, Jamaica, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. She conducts professional development with teachers and families along with supports for intervention research. Dr. Hauth frequently involves her students in her work with a focus on the professional exchange of practices, culturally responsive pedagogy and research projects. She had several of her students present with her at recent DISES conferences in South Africa and Jamaica. Engaging in collaborative research and inclusive practices drives her continued passion toward global supports for ALL learners.

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