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President's Message Archive

President's Message - October 2019
Dear DISES members and guests:

I wanted to share a few highlights and updates from DISES. We have been around for 30 years promoting knowledge, exchange, collaboration, human rights and advocacy to those who provide services for individuals with disabilities. Can you believe it? Please join us at the CEC convention in Portland for the celebration. Below is a picture from our 20th year celebration in Nashville!

Please join us for the DISES 2020 conference in Dubai. If you haven't submitted your proposal or need more time, don't sweat :) ! The deadline has been extended until Nov 15th. Please go to our website to submit your proposal. Dubai offers so much to do with family and friends. Please use the following links to discover different things to do in Dubai. My personal favorite is the desert tour.

Check out the following links to plan your trip:

We are excited to announce we are expanding our presence on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (click on the links below to connect immediately).

Stay up to date by:
● Answering our call for proposals for the DISES Conference in Dubai 2020
● Submitting to our Journal of International Special Needs Education
● Learning about who is in our organization through our Member's Spotlight
● Joining our Closed DISES Facebook Group and networking with like-minded educators across the globe, sharing resources, highlighting and problem solving barriers, and discussing individual institutional challenges and successes
● Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Check out the information on Dr. LaSonya Moore in the New Member Spotlight section and DISES Distinguished International Leadership Award recipient Dr. Michelle Meredith on the Awards page.

DISES Leadership sent a letter to CEC Executive Board and CEC Interim Director outlining concerns over the latest developments in CEC especially the abrupt dismissal of long-time CEC Policy expert Dr. Deborah Ziegler. You can request a copy of this letter by emailing us at info@dises-cec.org.

I would like to thank DISES Board for their hard work and support.

Dr. Jugnu Agrawal
President, DISES

President's Message - August 2019
Dear DISES members and guests:

I am honored to have been afforded the privilege of serving as the President of DISES for July 2019 to June 2020 term. I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you, provide a few updates on CEC-DISES and introduce you to the DISES board.

● Jamaica conference: We had a very successful conference in Jamaica. We had about 200 participants and over 10 countries represented. DISES helped advocate for special education funding and resources in the region.
● State of the Profession Study
● Member Spotlight
● DISES Conference 2020 - Dubai - Please be on a look out for more details
● DISES Board:
○ Dr. Alice Farling - Executive Director
○ Mr. Mark Francis - Past President
○ Dr. Mary Kealy - Vice President
○ Dr. Clara Hauth - President Elect
○ Dr. Ritu Chopra - Treasurer
○ Dr. Nicole Dicloutte - Secretary
○ Dr. Lauren Katzman - Membership Chair
○ Dr. Emily Collins - Communication Officer
○ Dr. Hannah Ehrli - Member at large
○ Dr. Rebekka Jez - Member at large
○ Dr. James Chapple - Member at large
○ Dr. Robai Werunga - Member at large
○ Elizabeth Colquitt - Student member

We want to hear from you so please reach out to us via email or social media!

Dr. Jugnu Agrawal